Replay videos for students for term 3

Hello lovely,

This is the private webpage for the replay videos for this term. This webpage is especially for you and not for sharing.

I hope you enjoy the videos, practicing in your own time….and I hope to see you for classes again soon!

Keep well! Please reach out if you have any questions or comments or suggestions.


Yoga & Nidra class – Friday 16th July 2021….includes lying humming bee breath, hip circles, lying twist, seated sunbreath, and guided Yoga Nidra meditation
Yoga class – Tuesday 20th July 2021…includes Warrior 2/Reverse warrior/Low lunge flow, Pelvic-tilts, Flowing half-bridge flow, and supported half-bridge to psoas stretch

Yoga class – Monday 26th July 2021….includes 15 minutes of grounding, breathwork, gentle movement, and then 30 minutes of Restorative Yoga including a supportive gentle heart-opening restorative pose.

Yoga & Nidra class – Friday 30th July….inlcuding full yoga breath, lying hip circles, forward-lying knee circles, Locust pose, all-fours circles, Down-dog, Child’s, and Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra session – Monday evening 2nd August, 2021…42 minute session with a short breath and mindful movement intro, and then guided Yoga Nidra.

Yoga session – Tuesday 3rd August…including child’s pose, All fours circling, Cat balance flow, Sphinx pose, Standing sunbreath, Half-down-dog (using chair), Warrior 3 flow (using chair), Wide forward fold (using chair) with side lunges, Lying Butterfly.

Yoga & Nidra session – Friday 6th August 2021….Including Alternate Nostril breathing, all fours circling, Cat balance flowing, and Yoga Nidra meditation.

Yoga session – Thursday 12th August – Including Temple pose & 4-part Qigong sequence, Tree pose, Lying pelvic tilts, flowing half-bridge

Yoga nidra session Monday evening 16th August 2021

Yoga session – Thursday 19th August – Lying Humming bee breath, Side-lying hip circles and leg stretch, Locust pose variations, Child’s pose, Low (or high) lunge with chair, Half puppy with chair, Half dog pose with chair, Pelvic tilts with block, Flowing half bridge, Half bridge pose, Lying twist, Opposite hip circles, Butterfly variation, Supported half bridge to Psoas stretch.

Yoga & Nidra session – Friday 20th August – including humming bee breath, Lying leg stretch (with yoga-strap), side-lying hip circles, Lizard pose, childs pose, down-dog… and guided Yoga Nidra meditation

Yoga class – Thursday 26th August – Seated circling, forward fold & sway, and side stretch, Standing Sunbreath & side variation, Standing half forward fold with spinal flex/ext movement, Downdog, Pigeon pose, Lying leg stretch with strap, Lying hip circles, Lying butterfly pose, Shavasana.

Yoga & Nidra session – Friday 27th August – Including Lying leg stretch (with yoga-strap)…and Yoga Nidra meditation

Yoga session – Thursday 2nd September – including Alternate nostril breathing, seated version cat/cow, Side lying hip circles and leg stretch, Tadasana, Downdog, Lunges, Standing Wide forward fold, side lunges, Tree pose, Lying hip circles, Lying butterfly pose, Shavasana.