Term 3 Yoga private webpage

Welcome to our private webpage for term 3 Yoga

Hi! Thanks for joining me this term and making a commitment to your Yoga practice and your own wellbeing.

There’s 4 live sessions each week, Mondays 10am, Mondays 8pm, Tuesdays 8pm & Fridays 10am. You will have received the zoom link in emails from me.

Let’s come together to practice! Yoga helps us to connect with ourselves and cultivate self-kindness and compassion, and then share that with others.

Karen 🙂

Here’s one from last term: Monday morning Yoga session – 2nd May 2022

Here’s one from last term: Yoga Nidra (Audio only) – Monday 30th May

Here’s one from last term…..Yoga session – Tuesday 7th June – Includes Alternate nostril breath, joint mobility, tree pose, Foot massage using massage ball (or tennis ball), and shavasana.

Yoga & Nidra session – Friday 15th July 2022

Yoga session – Tuesday 19th July – includes salute to the sun
Yoga & Nidra – Thursday 28th July – includes Lying leg stretches (can use a strap or similar)

Yoga session – Tuesday 2nd August – including Golden Flame breath, puppy twist, and pelvic floor focus

Yoga & Nidra – Monday 8th August – Golden Flame breath, On all fours movement swaying/circling/cat-cow, Puppy twist, shoulder movement, Neck stretches, and Yoga Nidra

Yoga and nidra – Friday 12th August – Alternate nostril breathing, leg stretch, Apanasana (hug knees in), Lying twist variations, All fours movement, Calf stretch, Tuck toes movement, Downdog, Plank, Cobra flow, Lunges, and Yoga Nidra