Yoga videos for term 2 – our private webpage

Welcome to our private webpage for term 2 Yoga

Hi! Thanks for joining me this term and making a commitment to your Yoga practice.

This is the private webpage for the replay videos especially for our yoga community.

I hope you enjoy the videos, practicing in your own time….and I hope to see you for livestream sessions too!

Please reach out if you have any questions or comments or suggestions.


Here’s one from last term……Monday evening Yoga Nidra session 21st Feb

Tuesday evening class, 26th April

Yoga & Nidra session – Friday 29th April

Monday morning Yoga session – 2nd May 2022

Tuesday evening Yoga session – 3rd May
Yoga Nidra session – Monday 9th May

Yoga Nidra session – Monday 16th May ….includes Alternate nostril breathing, mindful movement & yoga nidra meditation

Yoga Nidra session – Monday 23rd May – includes breathing meditation, seated/lying mindful movement, and Yoga Nidra meditation