About Yoga and Meditation practice

Yoga is about opening, lengthening and strengthening – the body, mind and spirit.

Yoga is about movement….stillness….and balance.
Whether you practice yoga for the physical benefits, the mental benefits, or the emotional benefits, or to simply wind down and relax, yoga can help you to discover your true centre, and restore your whole being to equilibrium.
Yoga is about discovering that a place of quiet, strength and peace is always available.

About Karen 

Karen facilitates sessions for Hatha yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and TCTSY (Trauma center trauma sensitive yoga). She also offers Reiki energy healing sessions.
Her Qualifications are:

– Diploma of Yoga Teaching: Surya (Sun) School of Yoga 

– “Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation” Teacher Training graduate

– Bliss Baby Online Pre- & Post-natal Teacher Training graduate

– Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga certified teacher

– Registered teacher of Yoga Australia – level 2

– Reiki practitioner – completed levels I & II

TCTSY (Trauma Center trauma sensitive yoga) 300 hour facilitator certification

– First aid certified

“I love being able to share yoga with my students. My own yoga practice is such an essential part of my life. It keeps me centred, strong and calm.

I completed my diploma of yoga teaching in September 2011. I have been sharing Yoga since then, and continue to further my learning and my own practice.

I have completed training courses with Lizzie Lasater, Judith Hansen-Laster, Mary Richards, Donna Farhi, Belinda Davidson, Ana Davis, Kristen Pringle, and Paul Bedson.

I completed the Bliss-Baby teacher training course in January 2013 for Pre & Post-natal yoga. 

I have also studied “Yoga for self-regulation and trauma” and “Trauma Sensitive Yoga” and I recently completed my 300 hour certification in “Trauma Centre trauma sensitive yoga”. 

I completed my level 2 certificate in Reiki in 2014, and I am qualified to offer Reiki-healing sessions.

I completed 40 hours of teacher training in “Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation” at the Yarra Valley Living Centre. Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM) is a simple, yet profound method of meditation that I am inspired to share with others.

I completed 50 hours of Restorative Yoga teacher training with Lizzie Laster in 2018 & 2019.

I am a meditation lover and I believe mindfulness and being able to slow down is a very valuable practice. And a very valuable thing in life.

I am happy to say that I will always be a student of Yoga, Anatomy, energy healing, and meditation – there is always something to learn, and I love learning. I believe that inspiration spreads out like the countless stars in the night sky.”

– Karen

“Your yoga classes feel like the only 60 minutes of peace that I get each week. The space in your home is always tranquil and welcoming with a lovely energy. I find your teaching and style to be perfect for me and wouldn’t change a single thing. I have been to quite a few yoga schools over the years and your classes have actually been the easiest place for me to escape from the world on to the mat and go inwards for an hour. I love that you let me be quiet and still and close my eyes. You don’t talk too much and your voice is so relaxing. I enjoy your music and your candles and the all important meditation. Thank you for your gift of stillness in a crazy world”

Karen G, Hatha Yoga class

“Yoga has certainly made a difference to my body – I feel stronger and more flexible and generally more in touch with my body. My arms and my core muscles particularly feel stronger. Mentally/emotionally I feel the benefits during and after the class. I certainly enjoyed the walking meditation we did tonight.
When I was doing yoga 10 years ago, I thought the savasana was unnecessary as I was more interested in the ‘workout’. These days I love it and find my mind and body relaxing together and my body still feels activated by the class even though it is relaxing.”

Francesca, Hatha Yoga class


“I enjoy the relaxing, welcoming, quiet, home-based space. It’s the next best thing to practising in my own home. I find it so much better than attending a yoga class at a gym. Your shavasana and guided relaxation is delicious! You really take the time to make sure everyone finds correct form, and even if I make a mistake I don’t feel silly in your classes. I feel stronger and better in the body, mind and spirit. Yoga is not only an opportunity to give me some ‘me time’ but I find I try to continue to connect these feelings into everyday life. It really made me analyse my situation and place in life (i.e. my work-life balance) and helped me to realise that I wasn’t in a healthy place and needed to make big changes. I love your classes and feel they totally work for me!”
Erika, Hatha Yoga class