I am a qualified level 2 reiki practitioner, and I love sharing reiki!

I offer reiki energy healing sessions, to help to clear, balance and heal your chakras and energy field. You can either attend “in person” (Lilydale), or you may wish to receive the energy healing remotely “by distance” wherever you are in the world. Either way the reiki energy healing works the same way to promote clearing, balance and healing of your chakras.

IN PERSON: I offer one-hour “in-person” reiki energy healing sessions

BY DISTANCE: I offer 30-minute “by distance” reiki energy healing sessions

Why is it good to have healthy chakras?

Your chakras (energy centres) influence everything about your life, so if one or more chakras are not working properly it shows up in your life in different ways, affecting physical health, mental health, your emotions, your relationships, and more. When all your chakras are fit and healthy…. SO ARE YOU, on all levels.



tired or exhausted?

worn out or foggy?

unbalanced or unfocused?

unenergetic or lacking direction?

anxious or depressed?

or you just feel the sense you need some TLC?


Are you recovering from illness, disease, or medical treatments? Or are you currently undergoing medical treatments?


Reiki works complementary with any other treatments.

Reiki sessions are…

  • uplifting
  • relaxing and rejuvenating
  • can help to activate your body’s own natural healing system.
  • help to bring a sense of clarity, and of renewal and balance, to body, mind, and soul.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient natural form of healing, originating in Japan.

For ‘In-person’ sessions, the receiver lies on a massage-table fully-clothed, and the reiki-practitioner channels reiki (also known as prana, life-force, chi, white-light) working through the main chakra points of the body, using a light touch and/or working above the body.

For ‘By-distance’ sessions, the receiver lies down in a place that is quiet and comfortable in their own home (ie. you don’t have to go anywhere at all!), and the reiki-practitioner channels reiki healing energy remotely to the receivers chakra points and energy field.


Session bookings – IN PERSON

“In Person” healing sessions are recommended to be booked as a group of 3 sessions. Each session is for one hour duration. The appointments for the 3 sessions could be once a week, once a fortnight, or perhaps longer, depending on your circumstance.

Payment can be made at the first session (cash only) or be prepaid by bank transfer.

Your investment for 3 in-person sessions is $240. (to be used within 6 months)

Individual sessions can be booked for $90 each.


Session bookings – BY DISTANCE

“By distance” healing sessions can NOW BE BOOKED ONLINE here:

Prepayment is required to confirm your booking.

Individual sessions can be booked for ….current SPECIAL price:  $40 for 30 min session, $80 for 60 min session  


Karen was wonderful to work with, I felt very comfortable and at ease. Since receiving the distance session I have noticed I feel more centred and aware, my creativity is bubbling to the surface with an excitement for all the adventures that are unfolding for me. Thank you Karen, for removing what was no longer serving me.

  • Melissa Goodman, Barrie, ON, Canada

The energy I received during my reiki session was divine energy. Karen was very thorough and made me feel so relaxed. If you would like a reiki session to elevate your body, mind and soul, I highly recommend Karen to anyone. Thank you Karen.

  • Mwaka Derksen, Mooroolbark, Victoria, Australia



Please complete the following details, and I will be in touch!

Session times are currently available during these times:

Mondays (11.30am – 2pm) and Wednesdays (10am – 2pm) and Fridays (12pm – 2pm)

Some Tuesday afternoons are available upon request.

Some evening sessions are available upon request.