Yoga to nurture body & mind & soul

Classes are for women and those identifying as women. All body shapes and sizes and flexibility levels are very welcome here.

If you have been experiencing anxiety, depression, depletion, stress, tiredness or any combination, you are very welcome here.

The Yoga studio is currently ONLINE and will be streaming live via Zoom.

Suggested equipment – a yoga mat, and a blanket (3 or more blankets for the Restorative and Yoga Nidra classes). If you have your own props such as a bolster or yoga blocks, great, but not essential.

Classes are small in size, and supportive, and no prior Yoga experience is required.

NO, you are never too inflexible for Yoga.

YES! – New students are most welcome to join.

seated twist outside

Class types are:

* Hatha Yoga *

* Yoga Nidra *

 * Restorative Yoga *

There is also the option of booking * Private Lessons * tailored to your individual needs.

For information on PRIVATE LESSONS, please read more here.

Group classes   –   Term 2 of 2020

Please note all classes will be held ONLINE. This will be a short term of 5 weeks.

          Monday 10am Restorative Yoga class
Apr 20, 27 / May 4, 11, 18

          Monday 7.40pm Yoga Nidra class
Apr 20, 27 / May 4, 11, 18

          Tuesday 10.30am Yoga Nidra class
Apr 14, 21, 28 / May 5, 12

          Tuesday 7.40pm Hatha class
Apr 14, 21, 28 / May 5, 12

          Thursday 9.30am Hatha class
Apr 16, 23, 30 / May 7, 14

          Friday 9.30am Yoga Nidra class
Apr 17, 24 / May 1, 8, 15

All classes will be approx. 60 – 70 minutes.

Fees for Term 2

For your fee for your chosen class this term, please choose the level that is appropriate for you according to your circumstance, reflecting on the following statements. The fee is for the five week term.

Level 1 – $90 – My family continues to have stable income. Or my business is unaffected. Or I am currently fine financially
Level 2 – $50 – I and my family are affected financially. Or my business is badly affected.
Level 3 – I am currently in financial distress. (Please contact Karen to discuss)


To register for all classes, please submit a Yoga Registration Form:


Two class discount

Would you like to attend two weekly classes? Please get in touch to discuss the fee.

Karen in yoga room in Baddha Konasana

Class descriptions


Hatha yoga includes Asana (the physical yoga postures) as well as many other Yogic practices including Pranayma (Yogic breathing), Mudra (gestures), Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation), and Meditation practices.

With regards to the physical yoga postures and practices, the class is a combination of slow mindful movement to warm and open, gentle stretching poses, strengthening practices, balancing practices, as well as Restorative Yoga for stillness and rest.    There are many options are provided throughout each class, and students are encouraged to practice in a way that is most suitable and kind for themselves.

Classes are breath-centred and encourage mindfulness and present moment awareness.


This class is designed with gentleness, restoration, relaxation and mindfulness in mind. Yoga Nidra is an ancient Yogic practice, which translates as ‘Yogic Sleep’.

We practice Hatha Yoga to begin class, then a guided deep relaxation practice lying in Shavasana (supine) for 30 minutes, and finishing with Meditation.

There are many options to assist those with injuries or medical conditions. For example the relaxation practice can be done sitting rather than lying down, or the seated meditation practice can be done lying down. Also the Hatha practice can be modified for the individual needs of the student. There are Yoga bolsters and other props that can be used to assist each student to be comfortable.

If you are learning to meditate or wish to deepen your meditation practice, this class is ideal for you, as the Yoga Nidra practice is deeply relaxing for the body and has a flow-on effect to bring quiet to the mind and emotions.

It’s also a perfect class for people experiencing stress, tension, or anxiety, and those wishing to learn techniques to calm body and mind.

This class can also help people recovering from illness or injury, as relaxing the body and quieting thoughts and emotions can greatly assist the healing process.


Restorative Yoga is a calming and meditative practice. It is about stillness, and quiet, and turning the senses within. The practice of Restorative Yoga provides space for your body and mind to return to balance. Gently release tension, and allow a softening to calm your nervous system.  With the use of Yoga bolsters, blankets, and other yoga props, your body will be supported to find a place of comfort and ease.

The poses in Restorative Yoga are held for a length of time, allowing for rest and quiet within present moment awareness.

If you love the final resting pose in most general yoga classes, Shavasana, you will love the practice of Restorative Yoga. If you have a busy life and you crave stillness and quiet, then this practice is ideal for you.

Also wonderful for those healing from injury, illness, stress or anxiety. Excellent as ‘self care’.




Karen’s Class Etiquette & Guidelines

* Have your yoga mat and a blanket ready. You may also wish to have a water bottle. For the Restorative class and the Yoga Nidra class, please have 3 blankets or more ready.

* In Zoom, please have your microphone OFF to begin with.

* For online classes, I encourage you to be on time. But it’s okay if you join part-way through the session, or if you leave earlier. However I may not be able to respond to comments or questions during the Yoga class.

* Yoga practice is best with an empty stomach. It’s best to not eat for 1 hour prior; you may need longer.

* I endeavour to create a comfortable, secure space for students to practice yoga. If you have any concerns regarding this, please talk to me

Terms & Conditions

* Turn off your mobile phone before class, or have it on silent, so you are not distracted.

* Arrive by the start time of your class (as above, for online classes, I encourage you to stick to the start and finish times, but if you are late or need to leave early, that’s okay)

* If you have any medical concerns, injuries, or if you are pregnant, inform Karen prior to class.

* Advise Karen (text message or email) if you are unable to attend a class.

* Payments for Yoga classes are non-refundable.

* Payments for Yoga classes are not transferable to a future date.

* For group classes, commitment is for the term. If you miss a class, you have the opportunity to attend a makeup class during the same term, subject to availability in the class.

*Make-up classes can be organised through the private facebook group – Yoga Hub, or by emailing me.

*Karen holds the right to cancel or reschedule any classes, sessions, or events due to illness or other urgent situations. Karen will notify students of the rescheduled date.