Private lessons

Let’s practice Yoga and Meditation together…

For thousands of years, Yoga has been taught from teacher to student, one-on-one. Today there are many group classes, but private classes are still the best way to learn the art of yoga and develop your personal practice.

Would you like an improved relationship with the number one person in your life (you!)?

Together we can work with your individual needs, and I will guide you to create a personal practice suited just for you.  Yoga can assist with those areas in life that may have been restricting you; issues such as past injuries, tension, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, confidence-levels, body-image, breathing issues, digestive issues, and more.

Perhaps you are needing time to connect with your inner-self?

Perhaps you are healing and would like some support?

Perhaps you prefer the privacy of a personal class?

Perhaps you are looking to commit to a home practice?

Perhaps you are totally new to Yoga and would like personal guidance to begin with?

Let me support you with your needs and goals, and we can move at your pace. Yoga is the perfect way to discover (or UNCOVER) an improved and self-nuturing relationship with your-Self. The word “Yoga” means to unite. Specifically to unite our bodies with our minds and our souls. When we are in harmony in this way within ourselves, we also feel greater connection with the world around us – other living beings, and with our earth.

Private lessons can be booked in a series of three. The first session is for 90 minutes, which includes time to discuss what it is that you are seeking in your yoga practice as well as plenty of actual practice time. The second and third sessions are for 70 minutes each, where we can practice together and I will assist with any refinements. In between our sessions I will set “yoga homework” in amounts of time that fit with your home/work/lifestyle.

My aim is to help you to make your yoga and/or meditation practice JOYFUL.

Who are private lessons for?
For individual one-on-one sessions bookings are for women only.

I believe that if you are alive and breathing you are able to practice and benefit from Yoga. Flexibility is definitely not a pre-requisite. Your level of fitness doesn’t matter.

I do ask for a registration form to be submitted prior to booking, and I request students to provide all health-related information.

What is the fee? And when can lesson times be booked?

Your investment is $285 for a series of three lessons, for one person.


For two people, your investment is $300 for a series of three lessons.

Lessons can be booked for once a week, once a fortnight, or however suits your schedule. Your 3 sessions must be taken within a time period of 4 months. Currently times available are weekday mornings and afternoons.

If you wish to book for more than three lessons initially, that can also be arranged.

What could we cover together in private lessons?

Here are some examples of what we can work on, focusing on one, or a number of practices that are a ‘right fit’ for you.

  • Meditation – perhaps you wish to learn to meditate, or to deepen your existing meditation practice, or simply to learn to be more mindful.
  • Yoga Asana – I can guide you through postures and sequences that will be beneficial for you, your body and your mind, whether you are looking for strength, flexibility, balance, improved posture, or improved breathing.
  • Restorative Yoga – supported by yoga props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets, I can assist you to learn and experience a gentle opening, stillness, and quiet which is very meditative and perfect to calm the nervous system.
  • Chakra Cleansing – I can teach you why chakra cleansing is so important and powerful practices to help you balance and strengthen your own chakras.
  • Pranayama – we can practice breath-work techniques that are right for your body and your energy.
  • Yoga Nidra – the practice of Yoga Nidra is simply blissful. It’s a guided relaxation practice which I can tailor to you and your issues/thoughts/worries/opportunities.
  • Reiki – as a qualified level two reiki practitioner, I can help you to calm and centre with the healing power of reiki.

How to book with me

If this sounds like the perfect way to nourish your body, mind, and soul, I would love to share Yoga with you! The first step is to fill out the Yoga registration form. Once you’ve submitted your form, I will be in touch to work out times/dates that will suit, and to answer any questions. I also request prepayment in order to book sessions, and the info on how to make your payment will be emailed to you once you’ve submitted your Yoga registration form.

STEP 1: Please complete the YOGA REGISTRATION FORM

STEP 2: Karen will get in touch by phone or email, and organise dates/times for sessions, and request payment to reserve your place.

Please just let me know on your registration form if you would prefer to speak to me on the phone first – so that you may ask me any questions, and we can see if we would make a great student/teacher fit.


**To receive the special, book and pay in September, and your first session can be in October.