Frequently asked questions…..


Q. What should I bring to class?

A. Please bring a yoga mat, a light blanket for relaxation, and if you wish a water bottle.

Q. What should I wear for class?

A. It’s best to wear clothing that you can comfortably move in such as leggings or stretchy pants and a comfortable top. We have bare feet on the mats.

Q. Can I arrive early?

A. Students are welcome to arrive 10 minutes before class start time. Especially if you need to discuss health-issues with me, do arrive early so we have time to talk.


Q. What if I’m not flexible enough to do yoga?

A. Flexibility is definitely not a prerequisite. Although your flexibility may improve as a result! Please do not rule yourself out to practice yoga if you feel you are not flexible enough, as there are many modifications and variations. Every body has different shapes, sizes, strengths and flexibilities.


Q. Is it necessary to book for classes?

A. Yes. Because class sizes are small, bookings are essential.

Q. I am a new student feeling shy/unsure about yoga, can I do a trial?

A. Although I encourage students to commit for a full term, if you wish you may request to book your first class for $25. This can only be booked up to a week in advance. Because many of the classes fill up quickly, a single class may not always be available at the beginning of a term.


Q. Do you give refunds? 

A. Sorry I do not offer refunds.

Q. What happens if I cannot attend class due to illness/children/travel/etc? 

A. A make-up class can be taken upon request throughout the term.  Please REQUEST if you wish to organise makeup classes, as they are subject to availability. Makeup classes are available during the current term only, and not for future credit. Makeup classes can be organised through the closed facebook group for students.

Q. What if I have a serious illness or injury and cannot physically continue yoga for the term?

A. If this happens, you may provide me with a written letter/medical-certificate from your doctor stating the dates you will be unable to attend classes. From the date I receive the letter and going forward, at my discretion, I may provide you with credit for a future term booking.

Q. If I cannot continue yoga for the term, may I transfer my place to friend?

A. Yes, provided your friend completes and submits a registration form prior to attending class, and I deem their health status to be acceptable to attend.

Q. The class time no longer suits me, can I swap classes?

A. If you are part way through the term and need to swap to a different class time, that is fine provided there is a space available in the class you wish to swap to.

Q. What happens when Karen cancels a class?

A. If I need to cancel a class, I will schedule an extra class at the end of the term to make up for it. Otherwise I may decide the credit will go forward to the next term. I will advise students of the arrangement if this happens.