“I am loving my yoga classes, and am in awe of your calmness and awareness. I love how you always give the class options (and not just one) to suit our individual needs/abilities. I just wanted to let you know that you make such a difference to my life. Thank you.”

Nicola, hatha yoga class, February 2016

“…Birth went so well thanks to hours of yoga and we are both doing great. I am so happy with how well labour went…Thank you for all your advice and skills. I am positive that all these things led to an amazing birth experience.”

Michelle, Prenatal yoga class, March 2015

“I first came to Karen for prenatal yoga…When I had my baby what I learned during yoga helped me stay calm in a difficult situation. Since then I have rejoined her Hatha yoga classes; it is a great escape from my busy life. I always feel comfortable staying within my own limits and being guided by Karen to achieve what I need from my class. Her meditative voice has me in a deep state of relaxation on a Tuesday night! I highly recommend her classes, she caters to everyone and is a professional, knowledgable teacher.”

Danielle, Prenatal yoga class & Hatha yoga class, August 2014

“I enjoy the relaxing, welcoming, quiet, home-based space. It’s the next best thing to practising in my own home. I find it so much better than attending a yoga class at a gym. Your shavasana and guided relaxation is delicious! You really take the time to make sure everyone finds correct form, and even if I make a mistake I don’t feel silly in your classes. I feel stronger and better in the body, mind and spirit. Yoga is not only an opportunity to give me some ‘me time’ but I find I try to continue to connect these feelings into everyday life. It really made me analyse my situation and place in life (i.e. my work-life balance) and helped me to realise that I wasn’t in a healthy place and needed to make big changes. I love your classes and feel they totally work for me! “
Erika, hatha yoga class, July 2014

“Thanks, Karen, for your classes again this term. You may remember I enrolled hesitantly because of my health concerns, but you keep yourself well-informed about your subject matter and your individual students’ situations and I have found my own needs well catered for in each class. You clearly plan your classes well but keep a close eye on your students so you can adapt your plans as needed on the way. I find I arrive at your place each week with relief, looking forward to the peaceful and open space you have created each evening. (Can I stay the night in the corner, please?)”
Tara, hatha yoga class, August 2014

“I always feel welcome! I love the space we work in and your quiet, knowing voice. My fave part of the session by far is the meditation/rest at the end! I like how you give me options to go with my body. I also really liked the pose where we rested our legs against the wall. For some reason that was relaxing for me! I feel calmer, more relaxed and happier inside. Your classes have a great balance of everything! Thanks for everything!”
Martina, hatha yoga class, July 2014

“Your yoga classes feel like the only 60 minutes of peace that I get each week. The space in your home is always tranquil and welcoming with a lovely energy. I find your teaching and style to be perfect for me and wouldn’t change a single thing. I have been to quite a few yoga schools over the years and your classes have actually been the easiest place for me to escape from the world on to the mat and go inwards for an hour. I love that you let me be quiet and still and close my eyes. You don’t  talk too much and your voice is so relaxing. I enjoy your music and your candles and the all important meditation. Thank you for your gift of stillness in a crazy world”
Karen G, evening hatha class, Dec 2013

I like everything about your classes 🙂 Yoga this year has certainly made a difference to my body – I feel stronger and more flexible and generally more in touch with my body. My arms and my core muscles particularly feel stronger. Mentally/emotionally I feel the benefits during and after the class. I certainly enjoyed the walking meditation we did tonight.
When I was doing yoga 10 years ago, I thought the savasana was unnecessary as I was more interested in the ‘workout’. These days I love it and find my mind and body relaxing together and my body still feels activated by the class even though it is relaxing.
Francesca, evening hatha class, Dec 2013

“Thank you for teaching us this year!
I  can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my Wednesday nights & was amazed at how yoga helped me through labour. I was able to stay upright & active until the very end…
I’m looking forward to coming back to your classes once I get permission from the Dr.
Thanks again Karen!”
Kim, Prenatal Yoga class, Dec 2012