Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is the perfect time for giving yourself some TLC.
Yoga practice is ideal during pregnancy – relaxation, flexibility and strength, in a very gentle way.
It’s about nourishing, rejuvenating and empowering yourself, and by focusing on your own wellbeing you are also caring for the wellbeing of your baby.

Prenatal yoga has so many benefits physically….
– helping to ease many common discomforts
– Improving posture and strengthening the body
– Learning to relax fully and releasing tension in the body.

The benefits extend beyond the physical, which makes yoga different from common forms of exercise. Prenatal yoga is a mindful and breath-centred practice, helping you to tune-in to your inner-self, gain breath and body awareness, helping you to find a sense of inner-strength and peace, and to welcome your new baby.
Yoga practice can help you to feel more harmonious with your life and more ‘centred’ as you become more in touch with your emotions.

Pregnancy is such a special time of life…and such a fleeting moment of life….a time to really celebrate life.

Please note that group Prenatal Yoga classes are not currently scheduled.

However you may wish to sign up for Private Yoga lessons ….read more here

I loved attending prenatal yoga during both my pregnancies. It was so beneficial, not only to my physical health but also to my spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Although my labour didn’t go ‘as planned’ (as many labours don’t), the prenatal yoga classes gave me the skills and ability to remain calm and relaxed during my emergency cesarean. Karen is a wonderful and very experienced yoga teacher who tailors her yoga practice to that of every one of her student’s ability. Yoga classes are conducted in a very relaxed environment and I would highly recommend pre-natal yoga with Karen.

Sam, prenatal yoga class

“Birth went so well thanks to hours of yoga and we are both doing great. I am so happy with how well labour went…Thank you for all your advice and skills. I am positive that all these things led to an amazing birth experience.”

Michelle, Prenatal yoga class