Yoga Advice for New Mums

If you have a new little bundle of joy….congratulations! Here are some suggestions to continue a home yoga practice as a new mum.

1. Practice awareness of posture when sitting and feeding your baby. Focus on lengthening upwards through the spine, relax the shoulders, and soften the face.

2. Pelvic Floor exercises….from as early as a day after the delivery. By exercising this area gently, you will encourage the blood supply and promote healing of the perineum. You can work with your breath to bring more awareness – soften the muscles with the inhalation and lift and engage the muscles with the exhalation.

3. Short home yoga practice….a moment here or there, 5 or 10 minutes is great. Just work with one or two postures, or even lying in savasana for a few minutes of relaxation – just let all your muscles relax and sink down into the floor. Be gentle with yourself….remember the transformation your body has gone through….be patient and gentle.

4. Listen to your body and observe your energy levels. Practice the postures that feel right for you, in the moment.

5. Practice engaging your core muscles when lifting your baby. You can think of lifting the pelvic floor muscles and right up through the centre of the abdomen.

6. Yoga practice is very beneficial to help with ‘baby blues’. I would encourage trying ‘Surya Namaskar’/Salute to the Sun to help uplift your mood, or another flowing sequence. If you think you may have postnatal depression,  please do seek medical support.

7. Nuture the nuturer…… Yes, that’s you! Whether it’s yoga, a walk, a good book, a massage, asking family or friends for some babysitting time. Taking time for yourself becomes more of a challenge, but it becomes more important. Not only are you worth it, but it helps you to be the best mum you can be.

8. Embrace Motherhood! Your little one will only stay little for such a fleeting moment in time….children grow so fast. Try to embrace both the wonderful happy moments as well as the more challenging moments. It’s a fantastic opportunity to practice gentleness and patience. I have also discovered motherhood to be a perfect way to remind me that I’m not perfect, and that is perfectly fine 🙂

Best wishes!