Be prepared to be inspired by these words from Gabrielle Bernstein

One of my favourite inspirational people is Gabrielle Bernstein, and this is one of my favourite talks on Youtube. I love the way she breaks it down. I love the way she shares what inspires her. How better to spend the next 16 minutes? Press play and you might just find a different perspective on living life.

I love contemplating those four things, they just make so much sense, and so short and sweet…they seem simple, yet in life all sorts of things get complicated and we tend to get a bit bogged down. Whenever I feel that bogged down feeling, I’m going to keep standing myself up and try my best to wipe of the mud, and focus on these four:

1. Be willing
2. Surrender
3. the F-word is forgiveness
4. Expect miracles

I love how she says “know the universe has your back”.
It’s true, I know I don’t always stop to think how supported I am. But I am supported, in so many ways. It’s about perspective!

I also love the words “share your truth”.
Listen to your heart (or as Gabrielle says her ‘ing’ or inner guide)…. and then share from your heart and see how things in life just seem to flow. See how sharing your passion and inspiration feels and you might be amazed.

Hope you enjoyed this… May you expect miracles 🙂