Inspiring Peace, Peaceful Mothering Interview

My first reaction when Olga of Peaceful Mothering with Olga Dossa asked me to do an interview as part of her Inspiring Peace series was – wow!!…but I’m not sure, maybe my life is too ho-hum, maybe my peaceful mothering skills are not all that er…peaceful? Am I a wise woman? Then it dawned on me that I was holding a measuring stick of ‘perfectionism’ up against myself and that ‘peaceful’ and ‘perfect’ are two different things. And I much prefer the first of the two.

Also, I have been consistently inspired by Olga and her beautiful blog, so then to be invited to be a part of it….well it sort of knocked my socks off.

I am absolutely honoured to share this with you. You will learn a bit more about me and what inspires me. You will read about how yoga has influenced my ‘peaceful mothering skills’ and one of my favourite mantras. This is a mantra that absolutely works.

Hope you enjoy reading! Karen

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