Is your Yoga ‘hard’ enough? Something about slowness…

Are you able to treat yourself with extra TLC when you need it?

Are you able embrace extra slowness?

It is sometimes a challenge isn’t it!?

Busy-ness is all around us, and we sometimes feel we must be DOING MORE, somehow fitting more in, achieving more, somehow trying to be more…

Recently I noticed something interesting about slowness.


I teach one class each week at a women’s gym. I noticed a new student, and I was slightly concerned she seemed to be not understanding my guidance to be slow and to follow her breath. When it came time for Shavasana it was apparent that, for her, there was no time or space to allow stillness. While the other 20 or so students were relaxing in shavasana, she decided to continue with various movements, leg stretches and twists, alternating side to side. There was no stillness.

I had to struggle against my judgement that she wasn’t allowing ‘Shavasana’ to happen and simply let her be.

I released my judgement.
I was quiet.
I held the space for all present.

After class I simply asked how she was feeling. I was open to accepting whatever she had to say.

She told me thought the class wasn’t hard enough.

The thing that she hasn’t realised is that the class WAS and IS hard enough for her. It was hard for her to be able to allow herself to be slow and to be still. She resisted against the stillness…. so that there was a big ZERO stillness for her.
Perhaps it was physically uncomfortable for her to be still…OR perhaps it was a decision she made mentally that it was a waste of her time and/or “too easy”.

I admit, I was once just like this student.
I had no interest in shavasana. I have been there and I have thought to myself “this class isn’t hard enough”…so hearing my student was like hearing my prior self from over a decade ago.

I honour this student, and I hope she returns to class, again and again and again, because through practice she may just discover what are her challenges.

It really is a massive challenge for some of us to ALLOW slowness and stillness.

How many times do you tell yourself you don’t ‘have time’ to rest? Or to relax? Or you don’t have time for yoga or meditation?
How many times do you criticize yourself when “things” aren’t getting done?
How many times do you use the word “should”?
(I should be doing this, I should be doing that, etc…)

Let go of all that.

Let me tell you – slowness and stillness are SO vital in your life.
For your physical wellbeing, your mental wellbeing, and your emotional wellbeing.

For those of you who attend my classes, or practice Yoga, I thank you and bow to you, when you allow slowness and stillness.

Because each and every time you do, you invite more PEACE into this world.


Om shanti.
Let there be peace.