A little home yoga practice inspiration for you

Lately I have been sharing some articles and videos… I’ve been sharing these on facebook, however I know several of my students aren’t facebook users, so this is especially for you guys!
I hope you get some inspiration to roll out that yoga mat, put on your leggings, maybe even switch on some calm/beautiful/motivational music, and practice.

Video – A gentle 20-minute morning (or anytime) yoga class – free

Video – Another ‘morning’ class that can be done anytime – free, 20 minutes

Video – A 2-minute clip by NZ Yoga teacher Kara-Leah

Article with pictures -‘Legs up the wall pose’ or I call it ‘vip’ for very important pose. Those students who attended my classes over the last few weeks will remember this one

Article with pictures – Excellent article with photos of some of my favourite poses….good for runners, good for everyone actually. (Yes, I know I have a lot of favourite poses!)

Article with pictures – Posture…awareness of great posture is not only good for you, but it tends to make you feel good…bonus! Enjoy this!

Not long until I will resume teaching classes (30th Jan), so if you are planning to rebook and haven’t yet, please get in touch!
Best wishes, Karenyogaloveyogapic