The power of smile :)

Isn’t it funny how little things can be so powerful?
Try smiling right now for no reason at all 🙂

Breath in and SMILE
Breath out and RELAX

Yesterday I stumbled across a youtube clip – a guided meditation by a woman who smiles and smiles and smiles. I didn’t meditate along, I just sat and watched, amazed by her beautiful smile. Gosh, I thought, I would like to smile like that.

The day flew by and before I knew it the time was 3pm and almost time to collect my two sweetpeas from school. But hold on!… I thought… I was going to try that meditation with the smiling woman! I had about 10 minutes to spare, and didn’t bother trying to find the youtube clip again, and it turned out I didn’t need any commentary anyway. I just grabbed my meditation cushion and sat at the window, closing my eyes, bringing awareness to my breath, and simply….smiling 🙂

I was so amazed at the effect, that after school I suggested to my daughter to give it a try, explaining how when you feel good, you smile….AND it can work the other way around too. Closing her eyes, she gave it a 3 second try, and then opened her eyes smiling happily at me.

You don’t even have to begin with anything to smile about!
Smiles are for free and they are wonderful.
Happy smiling!