Meeting my spiritual teacher

Lately it feels the days and weeks are flashing by. I’m committed to 8 weekly yoga classes. Add in to that being a mum to two sweet kids who are growing up quickly. I also assist at my children’s school. And my studies, and my own personal yoga and meditation practice. It’s all keeping me pretty busy, but in a joyous way. Because I love it all.

Many of my yoga students have heard me gushing about my teacher, Belinda Davidson. I have been studying with her online School of the Modern Mystic  (‘SoMM’) since September last year. I have completed level one, and have now commenced level two.

I find it difficult to put into words how much impact the teachings from Belinda have had on my life. I was really hesitant to commit to the level one course, but obviously my soul was drawn to the work. I signed up at the very last minute, literally, just before enrolment closed. I am so glad I took that leap. Not only did I learn about chakras in much more depth than ever before, but I experienced my chakras and my energy field, in ways that I never would have imagined before. I experienced how my energy actually impacts my life. As Belinda says “Get your energy working, and your life works.”

What does it mean to “get your energy working”? What is an “energy field”? And what are “chakras”?

Belinda explains:

“Your energy field, also called your aura, is a magnificent field of pure energy that exists all around you. It not only surrounds your entire body, it also radiates out from beneath your feet, either side of your body and above your head.

Your energy field consists of twelve different levels of vibration. These levels of vibration are called ‘chakras’ and these chakras are found at specific places within your physical body or in your energy field. Six of the twelve chakras are found in the body, and the other six are located above the head.

Each one of your chakras energetically fuels and sustains aspects of your life and your body. They do this by receiving energy for your energy field from the universe and then transporting this energy into a certain area of your life and body. Think of the chakras as happy, eager, diligent workers, who spend all day looking after, managing and organising every aspect of your life.”

Last weekend I was so excited to meet my teacher in person. I have hesitated over the phrase ‘spiritual teacher’ before, but that is what she is to me. Being in her presence and receiving white light healing energy throughout the weekend was simply awesome.

When I was sitting in my seat that first morning, chatting with my soul sisters from ‘SoMM’, I noticed Belinda had entered the room and was preparing to begin. She looked poised, confident and beautiful and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. At first I couldn’t figure out the weird feeling of magnetism, then I realised there was a radiant light shining out of her. I asked my soul sisters to pinch me; I had had several dreams about attending the workshop, and it seemed surreal that I was actually there. Yep – they pinched me! Yep – I was there!

Belinda was born psychic, and she has worked as a medical intuitive for 17 years, including consulting to medical doctors. She is able to read and diagnose a person’s energy and chakras, and observing her in action was nothing short of fascinating. Following her own soul path, she is now devoted to teaching her methods, inspiring others to heal themselves, and guiding people to find their own soul purpose and to be able to express it with the world.

I knew it would take a few days, and possibly weeks or months to assimilate all the information and energy that she shared over that weekend. I have been re-reading my notes; I took eleven pages of notes! I have also been practising what Belinda taught me – how to read people’s energy fields, and to channel white light. It’s pretty amazing. More than amazing actually. It blows my mind.

One ‘ah ha’ moment for me was asking Belinda for assistance as I was attempting to read my partner’s energy (we paired up for practising)… Belinda confirmed my empath tendency to energetically ‘throw myself’ at my person’s energy field, and she sorted me and my chakra 3 out, and wow, I felt so different and much stronger and clearer.

One important thing Belinda spoke about was how many people feel they need ‘protection’ for their energy field when doing energy work. She had posted a message on facebook the prior week which had stirred up some confusion.

The message said: “Don’t worry about protecting your energy from other people – this thought is fear-based and lowers your vibration. Instead, own your own energy and be luminous. This not only protects your energy but also but lifts all those you come into contact with.”

Belinda explained further – if you have fit and strong chakras, then that is your natural protection. Don’t we all want to be luminous and light-filled? Yes please.

In the process of having my mind blown, there is quite a lot of self-doubt and uncertainty coming up, but I feel it is part of the process. I’m asking a lot of questions. Some to myself. Some to my SoMM classmates who are the best ever listeners.

Sometimes there are questions that don’t have answers straight away and that’s okay too.

My meditation-inspiration has taken a huge leap. Things have changed since the weekend. Some things feel less important and some things feel stronger. I feel I’ve been guided and shifted and, again, it’s hard to put into words.

It may have been the white light that Belinda infused the whole weekend with.

It may have been seeing the radiant light shining out of my teacher. Her natural confidence and grace.

It may have been meeting and spending time with my SoMM soul sisters, several who had travelled from interstate to attend the workshop.

It may have been sitting in the sun on the banks of the Yarra with 3 soul sisters talking like we had known each other forever, when we had only just met in person.

It may have been meeting and hugging my beautiful coach Rhondda in person and how my heart felt so happy and full to be with her.

It may have been giving myself a chance to open up to possibilities.

Or all of these things.

I am devoted to my meditation practice. I practice the chakra cleanse meditation regularly – and now every single day. It’s such a powerful practice.

I’m so passionate about learning and exploring within….we each have entire universes within us! When you start to see and feel and experience how amazing your chakras and energy system is, it’s pretty amazing.

I’ve used the words AMAZING and AWESOME a lot I know. This journey has been, and continues to be profound and life changing for me.

For finding my spiritual teacher I am filled with gratitude.

Karen x
http://Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic starts September 29th!*Disclosure – I’m a proud ambassador and affiliate for this program.

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  1. It was an absolute joy to meet you too. Karen. I love my SoMM students! So proud of you that you have chosen to be fully committed and dedicated to do the inner work. Shine brightly beautiful lady. Much love, SoMM Mumma Rhondda.

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