Being called to be Nourished

Often little things, little coincidences grab my attention.  Have you ever felt moments of dejavu? Or two or more unrelated people mention the same thing to you within the space of a day or two? Seeing or hearing the same thing several times over? My teacher, Glenda, often said to me that there are no coincidences, only synchronities.

I call them wake-up calls from the universe. And I’m learning to listen.

Here’s one of my favourites from a while ago:

As I was going through a rough patch and struggling with my meditation practice, each afternoon I would ask for a sign that I was on the right track and that I was supported. When I did ask, the synchronity would be seeing a white car drive past at the end of my street. Yep, it was always a white car. White for me represents white light. White light AKA reiki AKA prana. Unconditional love.

What can be more supportive than unconditional love, right?!

Well, one day I was really struggling. It was a really difficult day for reasons that I now cannot recall, but it was a tough one. I had to go out in my car, and as I drove to the end of my street, I was starting to feel hopeless as there wasn’t even a white car in sight. I said “Where is my white one today? I really need it today!”

But the universe also has a sense of humour and likes to make you smile or laugh out loud, when just a second ago you felt hopeless.

I turned the corner, and the car driving towards me was not only a white car, but the numberplate was a personalised one that read – “WHTONE”… Hello Karen – yes you are supported!

Last week while in meditation, I heard the words clearly…

“May I be nourished”

I felt so inspired that I wrote the words down.


The word “Nourish” then kept leaping out at me from ALL directions. I recalled how I had felt at the yoga intensive I attended recently with Donna Farhi. With so many of the restorative yoga postures she took such INCREDIBLE great care and patience to instruct us how to set ourselves up with all our props and blankets. Several assistants wandered around the room to help each and every student. I remember being in supported Viparita Karani using a chair, bolster and several blankets and a towel, and feeling amazingly comfortable, amazingly supported and really really nourished.

So here is the icing on the nourished cake….

Recently I’ve been listening in to Amy McDonald’s ‘Abundant yoga teacher’ podcasts. I was discovering lots of awesome advice from her. So I tuned into some of her live periscopes, and as a result, was lucky enough to be the recipient of a book prize.

When the parcel arrived on my doorstep a few days later, my children excitedly helped me open as if it was somebody’s birthday! It was a gorgeous book, with a pretty handwritten card….can you guess what the name of the book is?!


NOURISH – mind body & soul

Thanks for that one Universe, I absolutely love it, and love receiving these little wake-up messages.

Karen ❤❤❤